About MortgageTech

MortgageTech was founded in 1997 as an LOS and Technology Company. 

Originally working with Contour Software and then joining Ellie Mae, over the last 19 years, we have maintained a dedicated focus on the integration, enhancement and customization of Ellie Mae’s all-in-one Encompass® mortgage management solution. We work with clients ranging from top tier Mortgage Bankers (closing 5000+ units a month) to smaller independent Mortgage Brokers.

Each of our clients have very specific needs, and our relationship with Ellie Mae combined with our extensive knowledge of the complete platform allows us to administer and create custom solutions in any type of mortgage environment.

Additionally, with more than 65 years of combined hands-on management and operations experience on the lending side of the mortgage industry – our senior partners and developers understand not only how to make your system work but more importantly, how to make it work for your business.

SuccessThisExitOur best practice solutions include; custom workflow development, SDK integration, training, implementation, building a new channel, efficiency assessments, third party plug-ins and much more. Clients insist on maintaining the strict compliance environment based in the Encompass platform while allowing the program to merge with any type of customization. We work directly with each department to ensure maximum workflow efficiency with minimal human error, creating harmony with the core functionality of the program and the custom work we develop for the client.

Most clients initially do not know what the Encompass software is capable of doing and others have an idea of what they want done but do not have the knowledge or resources to complete the task. That is exactly the reason MortgageTech was created. We can analyze your existing workflow and configuration, recommend customization and/or third party integration, train both administrative and operational personnel and continue to assist you in the growth and development of your mortgage business.


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