We are proud to introduce you to Admin-on-Demand, the best and most comprehensive innovation in software management for the mortgage industry.

Created to fit the needs of a dynamic and complex industry, Admin-on-Demand gives you the ability to expand your Encompass administrative staff as needed rather than as available. With 4 plans available, you can now have knowledgeable, proven and professional administration and support for a price that fits your needs and your budget, without the associated employee costs and commitments.

Each Admin-on-Demand account is managed by an Ellie Mae Certified Encompass Admin who works and meets regularly with a team of other Certified Admins, Encompass and Industry Experts, Programmers, Teachers and Dreamers. Our knowledge base represents over 50 years of industry experience, and extensive hands-on experience with Encompass since its inception. Having recently become one of Ellie Mae’s first Certified Pro Insider Partners, you can be sure that we are always sharpening our skills and paying attention.

Admin-on-Demand is structured to provide ongoing SuperAdmin level Encompass support, as well as configuration, implementation and customization of your Encompass Mortgage Management System. Under normal circumstances, this includes:

  • Creating and managing user accounts
  • Troubleshooting and Technical Support
  • Improving Efficiency and Risk Assessment
  • Milestone and Milestone Template Development and Implementation
  • Persona Development and Management
  • User Groups Development and Management
  • Business Rule Development and Management
  • Custom Input Form Design and Implementation
  • Evaluation and Consultation of System Usage
  • Development and Implementation of Workflow Customization
  • Best Practices Advice and Consultation

(Additional products and services may be included)

Each plan has specific access to a variety of existing Plugins, Utilities, Custom Input Forms and other proprietary MortgageTech solutions that can improve the efficiency and/or functionality of your system and your workflow, included at no extra charge.

Download our Admin-on-Demand Protocols and our Current Price Sheet from the links below. Then let’s schedule a screen share meeting to get an idea of where you’re at and where you want to be, and answer any questions you may have. Given sufficient access, we will do a free survey of your Encompass Settings and, if you’ll allow a temporary installation of our BizRule Analyzer, we’ll provide you with an Excel copy of your settings just for giving us the opportunity to win your business.

We can fill your Admin chair and help you Re-Imagine Encompass.

Admin-on-Demand Protocols                   Current Price Sheet


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