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Our World Class Ellie Mae Certified Administration Services provide your Company with Experienced, Capable and Dependable Encompass Administrative Support at a Price Point that Makes Sense for Your Company

We Fill Your Needs and Fit Your Budget

Admin-On-Demand Monthly Support Plans
Designed to Fit your Budget

MortgageTech offers four customized Admin-On-Demand monthly support plans, all of which include our proprietary Encompass plug-ins, utilities and custom input forms designed to optimize your Encompass experience, at no extra charge. An Ellie Mae Certified Encompass Admin will be assigned as your FX-Team Leader so you can rest easily knowing you’re in good hands. Each of our Admins works along side our FX-Team of Certified Admins, Support Assistants, Developers and Business Consultants so they can more easily and quickly provide accurate, efficient and consistent solutions for any Encompass related problem or project you want us to take on. Of course we can also handle all the specialized and day to day Encompass Support functions such as:

Creating and managing user accounts

Troubleshooting and technical support

Business rule development and management

Designing custom forms and workflows

Best practices advice and consulting

Risk assessments and much more!

Admin-on-Demand Support Services

  • Creating and managing user accounts
  • Troubleshooting and Technical Support
  • Improving Efficiency and Risk Assessment
  • Development and Implementation of Milestone Templates
  • Persona Development and Management
  • User Groups Development and Management
  • Business Rule Development and Management
  • Custom Input Form Design and Implementation
  • Evaluation and Consultation of System Usage
  • Development and Implementation of Workflow Customization
  • Best Practices Consultation



  • User Touches FX™
    Complete Reportable Encompass User Analytics
    Tracks Number of User Touches
    Total Time in File & All Field Change History
  • Control Panel FX™
    Bulk File Editor and Bulk File Folder Mover
  • ToolBox FX™
    Customizable Windows Forms Slide-In Panels

Admin Forms

  • Alert Tracker
  • BizDays Between Dates
  • Formatted Emails with Attachments
  • One Click Attach Documents to eFolder
  • Export Settings and Dedupe eFolder and Tasks
  • Named TeamMembers
  • Templates Used on This Loan File
  • User Maintenance (unlock users and reset passwords)


  • Borrower Pair Highlighter™
    Never forget the Co-Mortgagors again – UI Enhancement
  • Conditions FX™
    Sub Groups of Conditions to be Displayed and Managed on Custom Forms
  • Current User Profile in a Custom Form
    Helps to Write User and Rights Based Business Rules
  • Disable ALL Order Doc Buttons Plugin
    Even the one under the Audit button
  • ePrint Button Plugin™
    Capture, Save and Print your Entire Form – UI Enhancement
  • Home Counselor Plugin
    Are you still doing this Manually?
  • Pipeline Highlighter™
    Stylish Business Intelligence – UI Enhancement
  • Triggered Loan Folder Management
    Keeps Your Loans in the Correct Folders
  • Triggered Role Assignment
    Automates the assignment of Users and User Groups to Milestones
  • USPS Address Validation
    VB Button Code, NO Plugin Required, Easy Setup for any Address

Third Party Tools, Admin Forms and Plugins

Included Only with Active Admin-on-Demand Subscriptions.
May be purchased at anytime.

  • Biz Rule Analyzer 1, 2
    Instantly search all business rules, field triggers and form code
  • Code Wizard 2
    Intelligent Code Editor & Error Checker for calculations and Field Triggers
  • eFolder Document Popup Plugin 1, 2
    Popup and manage single and multiple eFolder Docs from a button on any Custom Form
  • Field Explorer Pro 2
    Quickly find and filter all Standard, Virtual, Custom and Indexed Felds
  • Form Debugger 2
    Bridge Encompass and Visual Studio to write and fix Input Form Code 100x Faster
  • Loan Debugger 1, 2
    Quickly see which Field Triggers change which Fields in real-time

1 – Installed, maintained and supported at No charge with a 10 hour or greater Active AOD Subscription.
– Installed, maintained and supported at No charge with a 30 hour or greater Active AOD Subscription. 

Certified Encompass Administrators

Each Admin-on-Demand account is managed by a dedicated Ellie Mae-Certified Encompass Admin who has at least 9 years experience providing Encompass support and management. Each of our Certified Admins is an integral part of our FX-Mind Share which includes our other Admins, Developers, and Consultants so if they don’t have the answer, they have access to it.

Our Admins can serve as your primary Encompass administrator or function efficiently as backup and/or delegated support to your existing Encompass Support Staff. You get all the expert assistance your company needs without all the hiring timeframes, employee contracts, commitments and employee related expenses. It’s the best of both worlds!

For knowledgeable, proven and professional admin assistance at a price that fits your budget, MortgageTech has you covered.

Coaching and Consulting

Education & Coaching

Our customized training is designed around your company’s policies, procedures and Encompass customizations.  Use our training for

  • Encompass Deployments
  • Role Specific New Hires
  • On-Boarding New Encompass Admins
  • Training On-Demand
  • Transitioning to New Processes

No matter what the need, MortgageTech can customize the training to meet your needs.

Training is available both On-Site or Virtual and is conducted by Certified Encompass Administrators.

Consulting & Project Management

Our consultants have over 9 years of experience in the Mortgage Industry and are easily able to blend their Encompass and Industry knowledge to get the efficiencies you are looking for.  Use our services for:

  • LOS Migrations
  • New Product or Channel Support
  • Encompass Overhauls
  • Workflow Analysis and Development
  • Custom Programming/API Development

Whether it is an interface to another system or a department process flow, our Business Analysts can help you find the best solution for your organization.

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