Consulting Services

MortgageTech takes a very unique look at the mortgage industry. By utilizing the experience of its members we provide a 360 degree view of your operational and technological compatibility. Our goal is to assist in the streamlining of your Encompass platform while offering simultaneous operational consultation to ensure every aspect of your company works as efficiently as possible.

Why MortgageTech?

Our Executive Management Consultation Team has a combined 60+ years experience in areas such as national sales and operational teams, compliance, training, marketing, technology and more.

Members of our group have:

  • Created compliance/regulatory centered workflow for National Mortgage Banks and large Mortgage Bankers
  • Managed teams from 3 to 300
  • Held budgetary and P&L responsibility for annual volumes in excess of $2 Billion
  • Increased national production volumes upwards of 250% in 6 months
  • Built, Integrated and managed fully customized encompass platform
  • Managed Mortgage company with production volumes of $50-$60 Million a month
  • Developed national web-based training curriculum
  • Founded and built successful start-up marketing company
  • Created successful joint venture arrangements with national Builders and Realtors
  • Founded and built two start-up Mortgage companies, and took one from  broker to direct in 39 states, growing/managing 15 branches with multiple channels and investors


MortgageTech will help you secure in-house operational consulting from your Executive level to your Encompass Admininistration. We work on short and long term engagements depending upon the needs of the client and the sustainability of their existing infrastructure. All engagements are bid on a per job basis so you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

Consulting Services Available:

  • Custom Screen Development
  • Long/Short Term Administrative Support
  • Compliance/QC
  • Regulatory/Risk Assessment and Management
  • Custom Programming/SDK Work
  • Operational Re-structuring
  • Workflow Development
  • Third Party Integration
  • Budgeting/P&L
  • Sales/Customer Service
  • Warehouse/Investor Management Analysis
  • Business Channel Planning/TPO Integration
  • Database Reporting
  • Retail Branching Development/Planning
  • Loan Officer Compensation Review


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