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Our Consulting Services

With over 25 years in the mortgage industry, MortgageTech has helped companies achieve new installs, harness compliance changes, on-board new loan product lines and just about everything that has impacted this industry.  In today’s challenging environment, our knowledgeable teams, Encompass LOS customized designs and implementation experience will bring you the expertise and consulting you expect.  We work first to understand your company’s unique personas, roles and milestone lending workflows, because we understand that no two companies operate the same.    We then customize a solution to achieve your companies specialized lending practices.

We specialize in

Complete Solutions

  • LOS Migrations – New Deployments, Re-deployments, Moving from Broker to Banker and Mergers and Acquisitions
  • New Product Onboarding and Delivery – Best Practices and product workflows
  • New Lending Channels/Branches – Broker, Retail, Correspondent, Builder or Wholesale
  • Health Check System Reviews
  • Complete Configuration from Application to Secondary Delivery and Servicing On-boarding

Ala Carte

  • Workflow Efficiency Review and Enhancement
  • AllRegs Review
  • Third Party Origination (TPO) –On-Boarding or Review
  • Secondary Marketing Pricing Engine Consulting and Project Management
  • Integration Consulting
  • Process Automation Assistance
  • Migration to Paperless
  • Custom Screens to consolidate input
  • Specialty ‘one-off’ Projects

We specialize in customizing Encompass by maximizing the life-of-loan experience for your employees and customers and achieve greater efficiency so the focus can be on customer service

Our Consulting Process

To on-board Encompass and its supporting solutions and/or outside third-party vendors you must have a systematic approach.  In order to have balanced life of loan process, it is important that all integrations are setup and working as efficient as possible from your Point of sale through servicing to include: credit, flood, appraisal, Automated Underwriting Systems, Product and Pricing, Mortgage Insurance, Day-One-Certainty, Disclosures and Closing Documents and let’s not forget Compliance. (Just to name a few)  If you are lucky enough to offer Third Party Origination, it brings its own set of complexities.  Let’s face it, to take advantage of Encompass’ incredible features, it takes a village.

How your Project Management Team is Comprised

MortgageTech Project Managers

We work from a collaborative approach to achieve your company’s expected Sales to Servicing workflow results.  Our MortgageTech Project Managers come from years of applied experience and are eager to share their system knowledge as well as help your company avoid pitfalls and focus on success.


You are the reason we are here.  It is important we understand your system environment and your future needs so we can ensure a successful project. We are in it with you for the long haul.

Advance Support

MortgageTech has both Certified Encompass Administrators and Developers to help customize your configuration to effectively automate your unique business flow. Our Developers help by bridging the gap between Encompass and Third party venders thus creating an improved user experience.

Third Party Vendors

We work collaboratively to bridge the gap between dispirit systems that are not natively integrated into Encompass. We acknowledge that integration is vital for a smooth efficient process.

Our Encompass Health Check

No one is better at implementing Encompass or ensuring lenders get the most out of their investment than we are. The health of your Encompass platform is critical to your bottom line. We’ve analyzed hundreds of Encompass implementations, so we can tell if a system is not firing on all cylinders—and why. When we analyze your system we look not only at Encompass, we also look at how your system interacts with service providers, third party vendors and the customer experience. Our experts can provide a full under-the-hood analysis and complete checkup that covers compliance, efficiency, file flow and more.

Some of the Items We Review

System Performance

There are many things that can cause slow downs in your system.  We look at both your hardware and software configuration and identify what things could be impacting your system.

Settings Review

We review your Encompass settings to make sure they are properly aligned with your Life-of-Loan process.  We meat with team members to determine system security and confirm all Personas, Roles, etc. are performing as expected.

Workflow Review

We look at your current workflows, by channel, to make sure they are optimized to obtain the greatest efficiency.  We also look at all interfaces to ensure they are as streamlined as possible.

Customer Experience

We run mock applications through Encompass to get a clear understanding of your customer’s experience.  We look at both face-to-face and online interactions to help identify areas of improvement.

We provide a full report outlining what items need to be addressed and all are rated from low priority to critical so you can focus on the important items first.

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