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Knock Knock™

Don’t ask for forgiveness… Ask for permission!
Knock Knock lets you communicate with the current file owner in real-time
Get access to open files gracefully, and without an Admin

Knock Knock
An Essential Plugin for Encompass®

With Knock Knock it’s a 2 way conversation
Ask for access. Get a response. Get more done.

Everyone eventually needs to get into a file that’s already open, and maybe it’s been open for a while
Instead of fuming or calling support, just right click the file row, and click Knock Knock™

Communication is established. Let the conversation begin…

The requesting teammate chooses the default request
or keys in their own, then clicks Send to notify the
current file owner
that they need access to this file

The requesting teammate receives the current owner’s reply, or _

The requesting teammate is notified that the file owner is away
Choose if and how long till the file is available in Settings

The requesting teammate can now make better informed decisions
with lower blood pressure and a more positive disposition

The current file owner gets notified in real-time with a smart window offering lots of choices and fast response

The current file owner chooses from the list,
can change the number of minutes, and
add their own note in reply to the requesting teammate

The current file owner might not be at their monitor
A pre-set timer can close the file for them
Choose Save and Close, or Restore and Close in Settings

Whether the file owner exits gracefully, or the file is closed for
them, the requesting teammate is promptly offered
a choice
to Save and Open, or Restore and Open, or add a Note
to the Conversation Log of the requested file*
*Requires Notes™

Use the Plugin Settings to customize Knock Knock fit your company’s workflow
Set timers, add follow up emails for those users who may have stepped away,
and exclude specific Personas from automated file closure

Knock Knock improves efficiency
and makes for better neighbors

 Just $995*

Free for Admin-on-Demand Clients

*Introductory Price – Limited Time Only
Includes first year Annual Maintenance Fee
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