Helping Mortgage Companies with Technology since 1995

Steve has always proven to be a valuable member of our organization. He brings with him an extended knowledge of the mortgage industry combined with substantial technical skills.

-Jim E. Nelson
EVP Goldwater Bank

Steve Paltridge has been working with the Mortgage Division of Goldwater Bank for over 3 years as our Contract Encompass Administrator through his company’s Admin on Demand program. In that role he works closely with all departments to keep Encompass and other programs running properly across a wide spectrum of users and equipment. He also works extensively with management to continually and successfully adjust Encompass and provide solutions to adapt the software to our workflows in a quickly changing and expanding environment.

He has spearheaded an extensive number of workflow initiatives for us and has worked consistently to maintain a companywide awareness of borrower privacy and adherence to the rules of managing information.
Steve is respectful, responsive and friendly with everyone in the office. He is a success oriented person, and has a very high aptitude for inventing solutions when no other is available.

In my observation, Steve is a trustworthy and reliable person who will go the extra mile to accomplish any task given to him. He works well both as an individual and as a team player and he never hesitates to take on extra roles which are beyond his responsibilities to help things run more smoothly.