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A Complete and Customized Online Learning Experience

Drawing from over 50 years of combined experience creating and delivering Encompass coaching and training in a virtual environment, we are driving the transition to simple inclusive affordable online learning in the age of covid-19

Training Curriculum Development

We understand that no two mortgage companies are the same

Neither are your training requirements

We Begin By

Identifing Individual Roles

We work with your team to outline each role and the steps that are needed to accomplish them.  We find that Role Specific Training allows your team to retain more by learning is small doses.

Identifing Pain Points

By identifying pain points, we can focus in during a training session to coach over obstacles, thereby reducing frustration and the number of mistakes that are made.

Reviewing Procedures

We review your current procedures to ensure we stay in line with what is published and communicate with you if we find discrepancies.

Reviewing Best Practices

We review best practices both within your company and in the industry to ensure we are delivering up to date and future changes in the industry.

Once we have gathered all the information above we can create and personalize the learning experience for your Encompass users and trainers

Procedure Development

With the ever increasing demands of regulators, there has been a greater need to produce and maintain click-by-click procedures so employees have a resource to properly perform their roles.  However, many organizations are having to do more with less and cannot dedicate a full time employee to create them.  We can help!  We will visit with your team managers, record your processes field by field in the exact order they happened, and from there we can create your procedures. 

Your organization will benefit by

  • Not having to pull the “best person for the job”, from the tasks they are already performing
  • Moving forward, only needing to update them as processes change
  • New hires will have click-by-click instructions to refer back to
  • They work great as a training tool during on-boarding
  • Clear and published standards for everyone
  • Making the Auditors happy

Online Learning in the Age of CoronaVirus

Unfortunately you can’t just push the pause button on capability building, so the moment belongs to virtual learning. Fortunately research suggests that online learning has been shown to increase retention of information, and take less time, meaning some of the changes that coronavirus has caused might be here to stay.

Advantages of the virtual classroom

    • Increased convenience
    • More effective time management
    • Sharpened computer skills
    • Much more affordable
    • Immediate feedback on exams and tests

Disadvantages of the virtual classroom

    • The need for equipment training
    • Infrastructural challenges

Let us help with your virtual learning requirements

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