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Automate tedious procedures, reduce errors and create an amazing user experience. Anything is possible with MortgageTech’s suite of plug-ins and utilities.

Each program is designed to simplify day-to-day tasks, enforce your business rules and create consistency throughout the organization.

MortgageTech Tools, Admin Forms and Plugins

(All Products come with a 30 day No Questions Asked return policy)


  • User Touches FX™
    Complete Reportable Encompass User Analytics
    Tracks Number of User Touches
    Total Time in File & All Field Change History
  • Control Panel FX™ (Bulk File Editor and Bulk File Folder Mover)
  • ToolBox FX™ (Customizable Windows Forms Slide-In Panels)


  • Alert Tracker
  • BizDays Between Dates
  • Formatted Emails with Attachments
  • One Click Attach Documents to eFolder
  • Export Settings and Dedupe eFolder and Tasks
  • Named TeamMembers
  • Templates Used on This Loan File
  • User Maintenance (unlock users and reset passwords)


  • Alert Tracker (Counts and Lists All Alerts in a Custom Field to be used in Trigger Rules)
  • Borrower Pair Highlighter™ (Never forget the Co-Mortgagors again – UI Enhancement)
  • Conditions FX™ (Sub Groups of Conditions to be Displayed and Managed on Custom Forms)
  • Current User Profile in a Custom Form (Helps to Write User and Rights Based Business Rules)
  • Disable ALL Order Doc Buttons Plugin (Even the one under the Audit button)
  • ePrint Button Plugin™ (Capture, Save and Print your Entire Form – UI Enhancement)
  • Home Counselor Plugin (Are you still doing this Manually?)
  • Pipeline Highlighter™ (Stylish Business Intelligence – UI Enhancement)
  • Triggered Loan Folder Management (Keeps Your Loans in the Correct Folders)
  • Triggered Role Assignment (Automates the assignment of Users and User Groups to Milestones)
  • USPS Address Validation (VB Button Code, NO Plugin Required, Easy Setup for any Address)


Third Party Tools, Admin Forms and Plugins We Use and Endorse

(All Products have Free 100% Functional 30 Day Trials)

Third Party Tools (available for purchase through Mortgagetech)

(included with most AOD Subscriptions*)

  • Biz Rule Analyzer (Instantly search all business rules, field triggers and form code**)
  • Code Wizard (Intelligent Code Editor & Error Checker for calculations and Feld Triggers***)
  • eFolder Document Popup Plugin  (Popup single and multiple eFolder Docs from a Custom Form**)
  • Field Explorer (Quickly find and filter all Standard, Virtual, Custom and Indexed Felds***)
  • Form Debugger (Bridge Encompass and Visual Studio to write and fix Input Form Code 100x Faster***)
  • Loan Debugger (Quickly see which Field Triggers change which Fields in real-time***)

*No charge while your AOD Subscription is active. May be purchased at anytime.
** Installed, maintained and supported in all AOD Subscriptions.
*** Installed, maintained and supported only in 20, 30 & 40 hour AOD Subscriptions.

Third Party Plugins (available for purchase through Mortgagetech)

  • LO State Licenses (Complete LO State License Summary / Detail export to Excel)
  • Macro Exec Plugin (Call Macro.ExecAction() and Macro.ExecSignature() inside Field Triggers)
  • Merge eFolder Docs (Merges multiple documents into one destination doc)
  • Read Only Loan Access (Prevent Users from modifying and saving loans after specific Milestones)
  • Ready For UW Conditions (Syncs Document ‘Ready For UW’ status with Condition ‘Fulfilled’ status)
  • Remove Services Tab (Prevent running incorrect services. Sequence services & requirements)
  • Ship Ready Protect Doc (Prevent LPs from modifying docs which Underwriters mark as Ship Ready)
  • Time Check Plugin (Ensures that all Encompass Clients are within 5 minutes of Encompass Server)
  • Triggered & Round Robin Assignment (Helps Balance your Company Workload)
  • UW Conditions Trigger (Automatically add Underwriting Conditions inside Field Triggers)

Free Plugins, Tools and Administration Forms (includes source code)

  • Check for  Duplicates (Checks for Duplicate Loan Numbers. Process List of GUIDs into Loan Numbers) free source code
  • Custom Encompass Title (Customize Encompass title bar to show data from currently opened loan) free source code
  • Disable EscF5 Plugin (Disables ESC and F5 in Input Forms IE Control. Prevents data loss) free source code
  • Exit Encompass at 4:AM (Makes for consistent customization and plugin rollout across entire company) free source code
  • Export Audit Fields (Export all Audit Trail Field Changes) free source code
  • Field Descriptions (Export all Field IDs, Types and Descriptions to a File) free source code
  • Field Values (Quickly see all field values used in a Field Trigger code or condition) free source code
  • Locked Fields (Quickly see all “locked” fields (where the blue lock was clicked by a user) free source code
  • Number Words (Converts Numbers to Words) free source code
  • [CX.NOW] At Open / Save (Helps to execute Field Triggers that use Virtual Fields)  free source code